How to Troubleshoot My VTech V.Smile Pocket Portable Game

Updated April 17, 2017

The VTech V.Smile Pocket, a video game device made for young children, can be played as a handheld game or plugged into the television. The direction and enter buttons can be manually switched so both right and left-handed players can use the device by flipping the switch on the back of the device and rolling the buttons from up to down until they lock into place. The battery cover, located on the back of the V.Smile Pocket device, is held into place with screws. The V.Smile Pocket uses four AA batteries and the type or age of battery should not be mixed for the best results.

Push any button on the V.Smile Pocket device to reactivate the LCD screen. This may fix the problem of being able to hear sounds but not see graphics. The LCD screen automatically shuts off after a period of non-use to conserve battery power and protect the screen.

Turn the volume up using the volume knob located on the top edge of the V.Smile Pocket and unplug any headphones connected to the device. This may solve the problem of being able to see the game's graphics but not hear any sounds.

Disconnect the AV cable from the AV output jack when the television indicator light is on and no sounds or LCD graphics are coming from the V.Smile Pocket device.

Replace the batteries in the V.Smile Pocket device when the LCD display turns off immediately after turning it on. The battery power is low.

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