The Best Places to Live for Single Women

If you're a single woman ready and willing to find Mr. Right and settle down, where you live can help your odds. Some places are teeming with singles, while some cities promote coupling and marriage. Others have a high female-to-male ration, therefore increasing your chances of finding someone. Single women can enjoy life just about anywhere, but some cities are better for you than others.

Most Singles

If you head to a place that has plenty of singles, you'll immediately be around people who live lifestyles that are similar to yours. A city with more singles means less of you feeling guilty because you're not attached, and a greater chance at finding a single man to settle down with. The city with the most single people in it is San Francisco, with 44.7 per cent of people living there unattached. Detroit follows closely with 44 per cent, trailed by New York City, with 39 per cent single. Add these stats to the nightlife, arts and lifestyle choices and it's a great set up for single women.

Most Couples

If you're really looking for a tamer place that breeds coupling, try a small town. Smaller towns and cities are better for those who are looking to find their match, and a city with more couples means that it fosters that desire in singles to find a mate and settle down. Check out Provo, Utah, which has 80 per cent of its population coupled. McAllen, Texas, has 77 per cent of its residents in relationships, and Lake County, Illinois, has 75 per cent matched up. These cities often have more to do for two, so they are ideal for those who are looking for a better dating lifestyle.

Lots of Men

Single women might also want to check out a place where their odds are high. A city that has more men than women means that you'll have plenty to choose from come Friday night. Look at cities like San Jose, California, that have 17 per cent more men than women, or Tacoma, Washington, which has slightly more men. In one of these cities, you're bound to enjoy your single life with a variety of suitors. Or, if you want to try a place where you enjoy your single life with other single women, try El Paso, Texas, with 27 per cent more women, or Memphis, Tennessee, with 17 per cent. Choose the kind of city and atmosphere that you want to experience while your single and go for it.

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