Arched window covering ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

An arched window can add architectural beauty to a home; however, it can be intimidating to cover up due to its odd shape. If privacy is not an issue, leaving the arched windows bare can bring in more light and provide a view of the skies. However, in cases where privacy is an issue, you might have to have the window cover custom-made to get the proper fit.

Window shades

Made-to-measure window shades are available that can fit any shape or size of window. Cut the fabric or canvas to the shape of the arch to cover the top part, and use a matching piece for the bottom. Or buy a fan-shaped shade. Create a balloon-shade with the exact shape of the window, keeping the upper part stationary.

Plantation shutters or blinds

Purchase custom-made plantation shutters or blinds for your arched window. Order fan-shaped plantation shutters from manufacturers. Ask the manufacturer to follow the shape of the arch when trimming the blinds or the plantation shutter's moulding. This is rather an expensive option; however, the slats of the blinds and shutters can still bring in plenty of light during the day because they are not stationary. At night, all turn the slats upward or close them completely to prevent outsiders from looking in.

Window curtains

Use curtains to cover arched windows. The simplest way is to hang the curtains above the window, at least 25 cm (10 inches) or higher, to cover the arch. Use pinch-pleated curtains that open and close teasily. Leave the curved part uncovered and hang the curtain rods just below the arch, then hang the curtains using clip on rings. Hang a valance on top of the arch window by using decorative finials or doorknobs that you can attach at the perimeter or frame of the top part of the arch. Use curved rods to hang curtains to follow the shape of the arched window. Curved rods are available at home improvement or interior decorating shops.

Decorative leaded glass or contact film

Use leaded glass such as those commonly seen in churches to cover your arched window. A colourful lead glass can bring in enough light without compromising privacy. Leaded glass can be pricey and it is difficult to replace a piece once broken. Use contact films available in many colourful designs to mimic lead glass. Home improvement centres sell these decorative contact films that people use to cover their glass shower walls and doors or bathroom windows. Contact films are easy to apply -- just cut them to size, spray water on the glass and apply them on top of the glass. Use a flat applicator or an old credit card to remove the air bubbles or excess water.

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