The best house color for a tile roof

Updated February 21, 2017

Mediterranean or Southwestern adobe tiled roofs are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of a tiled roof, but roof tiles come in many colours and materials--from blue-grey slate tiles to synthetic tiles in modern colours such as blue and green. Consider the colour of fixed features like roofs when picking a paint colour for your house.

Roof Tile Colors

Most tile roofs are adobe or brick red-clay tile, and this will limit your colour selection. On the other hand, synthetic or concrete tiles come in a wide range of colours. More neutral brown or grey roof tiles are easy to work with, since virtually any colour will go with them.

Always consider your roof tile colour when picking exterior house paint: The house colour should complement the roof and pull the look of the whole house together.

Choosing Paint Color

It's best to stay on the same side of the colour palette as your roof colour. Traditional adobe tiled roofs have strong orange and red warm undertones, and painting the house cool colours like grey, blue or green can have a jarring effect. These homes look best painted in rich tan, gold or light brown.

If your roof is a cool grey or blue, avoid using warm paint colours. A blue-tiled roof with pink or apricot coloured stucco may seem whimsical, but your neighbours probably won't like it. Use cool taupes, grey-blues or subtle seafoam green.

Gray or brown tiled roofs are neutral enough to paint almost any house colour and still look good. Before deciding on a colour and ordering all the paint, buy a quart of the colour you're considering and paint a large sample swatch on the house. If possible, paint the sample near the roof line so you can see how the colours work together. Colours can look very different from the paint chip when applied directly to the surface.

Trim and Details

While the roof and house paint colour should blend and complement each other, the trim colour you choose defines and accentuates the architectural elements. You can be a little more creative with the details. Imagine a red tiled roof, warm gold for the main colour and ultra-deep plum for the front door or shutters instead of a more traditional dark brown. For a grey tiled house with cool taupe siding and off-white trim, a vibrant red or celery green front door adds a splash of fun colour without being overwhelming.

When choosing colour accents take into account other elements like awnings and even landscaping flowers and echo those colours in the details.

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