Natural Cure for Eye Floaters

Updated July 19, 2017

Eye floaters occur when the vitreous fluid of the eye begins to lose its jellylike consistency with age, causing the microscopic fibres that dwell within to accumulate and float around the vitreous cavity. These fibres cast shadows on the retina, which give the appearance of floating objects within your field of vision. Treatment is only necessary when the floaters impede your vision. Unfortunately, no natural cures exist to treat floaters, though there are ways to strengthen the eyes and potentially stave them off.


Eye floaters give off the appearance of see-through or dark bits of string floating directly in the field of vision. When you make an attempt to look at them, they quickly move out of the way, preventing you from getting a direct look at them. Over time they can float to the bottom of the vitreous cavity and out of your line of sight.

Should you experience a sudden increase in the number of floaters or bright flashes of light not unlike lightning in the periphery of your vision, this could indicate a retinal tear. If this occurs, seek medical attention immediately, as it could lead to blindness.


According to, maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding certain foods not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but vision health as well. Some foods thought to promote eye health include garlic, celery, parsley, beets, carrots, apples and raspberries, typically in the form of a fruit juice. In contrast, alcohol and caffeine should be avoided, as should most red meats and foods high in fat.

While following a certain diet to promote eye health is not medically verifiable, adhering to the basic tenets of a healthy diet is recommended to maintain an overall healthy core, from your mind to your eyes to your body as a whole. Floaters can't be avoided or prevented, but a healthy diet can help lessen the chance of more floaters occurring.

Vitamins and Supplements

First and foremost, a daily multivitamin will help you get the essential vitamins and nutrients that you might not otherwise get through your normal diet. Beyond this, a number of homeopathic medications and supplements available on the Internet claim to promote vision health. Some examples include:

Milk Thistle Liquid Extract, which works by protecting the liver, is thought to promote healthy eyesight based on the notion that the liver is responsible for healthy eyesight in Chinese medicine.

Hyaluronic Acid, which works by supporting the health of the connective tissue of the body.

Revision Formula, which contains a number of ingredients, such as the aforementioned milk thistle extract, bilberry and Ginkgo biloba, designed to support blood flow and improve the overall health of the eyes.

Before resorting to any natural or homeopathic remedies, consult with your primary care physician to discuss possible side effects. A more complete list of possible natural remedies can be found on, and your doctor may be able to recommend other vitamins or supplements to help improve your overall eye health.

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