Party Favor Ideas for 11-Year-Old Girls

Eleven is a milestone for a girl---she's either in or about to start junior high and officially a tween. She'll want all the pomp and ceremony of a child's birthday party with a touch of teenage flair. Cater to her and her guests' desires with favours they will adore. Leave the cheap plastic toys for younger kids, and use items that cater to a young woman.

Celebrity Favors

Girls this age still love to play dress-up, but now it is for a favourite band or celebrity. Choose favours that bring out the performer in each of the girls. Hair clips with fake hair attached let them emulate their favourite pop stars. Choose from candy colours including pink, blue and purple. Combine it with a star-shaped mirror, a feather boa and sunglasses to complete the celebrity look.

Create a mixed CD for each of the girls. Let your daughter pick out two or three songs to include. Create labels for the CDs with her picture on them and the words "Birthday Mix" preceded by her name. Slip a fake tattoo into the CD sleeve for an added treat.


She may not be quite old enough to wear make-up all the time, but a little bit for play is the perfect favour that is particularly appreciated at a slumber party. Fill attractive make-up pouches or inexpensive clutches with nail polish, lip gloss and eye shadow. Avoid bold colours and include more natural or muted shades appropriate to the age group. Add body and hair glitter for an unexpected surprise.

Find small manicure set favours at party stores. Look for those packaged in miniature backpack replicas and other creative designs. Add a small bottle of sparkle nail polish to complete the favour. Lip gloss sets and hair barrette sets are also available in tween-friendly packaging.


Charm jewellery is a hit with 11-year-old girls, as it allows them to show off their blossoming personalities. Purchase inexpensive charms in various shapes and symbols at a bead store. Buy enough anklet or bracelet chains so each girl has one. Place the chains in pretty fabric pouches or a fabric lipstick case, and allow the girls to pick out four or five charms to include with their gift. They could place the charms on the bracelet as a party activity or take them home to complete.

Bead sets are the right price and the right size for a party. Purchase them at craft or beading stores. They typically include enough beads and supplies to make a single necklace or bracelet. Avoid the plastic bead sets marketed for younger girls. Instead, choose the sets with glass or metal beads, which are better suited to an 11-year-old.

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