Pain Relief for Dry Sockets

Updated July 05, 2018

The medical term for a dry socket is alveolar osteitis. A dry socket occurs after a tooth extraction. Blood clots form where the tooth was extracted so that the healing process can begin. If the blood clot comes loose, the bone and nerves are exposed, which causes a great deal of pain. There are a few things you can do to get rid of the pain associated with your dry socket.

Pain Relievers

The first thing you can do is take a pain reliever. Your doctor most likely gave you one before you left his office. Make sure you know what type it was and when it was going to wear off. You can take ibuprofen ( Advil or Motrin) once every six to eight hours. You can also take two acetaminophen tablets (Tylenol) every four hours. In order to make sure you are not without pain medication in your body, you can take your ibuprofen and then your acetaminophen two hours later. Of course, if you are in extreme pain, your doctor can prescribe you something stronger.

Clove Oil

Pour a quarter of a cup of clove oil in a bowl and add a quarter of a cup of vegetable oil. Soak a piece of gauze in this mixture and place it directly on your dry socket. Do this each time your pain begins to flare up for some instant relief. Clove oil is all natural and sold in some pharmacies and all health stores. It is used in dentistry because of its analgaesic and antiseptic capabilities.

Red Cross Toothache Drops

Purchase a bottle of Red Cross Toothache Drops. This product works fast. Its active ingredient is eugenol. You should first rinse your mouth. Dip the cotton ball that comes with the kit in the solution. Squeeze out any excess solution and place the cotton ball directly into your dry socket. Use this product only as needed because it is quite strong. You should not use the drops for longer than one week. Contact your doctor if the pain persists. Children younger than 12 should not use this product.

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