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Updated April 17, 2017

Starting a business doesn't have to include high start-up costs, overhead and pouring 50 hours per week or more into your business. You can start a small-scale business that will generate enough income to pay a few bills or maybe even double the income of your current day job. If you're hoping to start a small-scale business and are willing to take an alternative approach, you're in for a profitable and low-maintenance business venture.

Jewellery Making

If you've got a passion for the creative and find yourself staying up past 1 a.m. watching the jewellery showcases on shopping channels, you'll likely find great joy in venturing into jewellery making. Learn how to create jewellery by reading books, magazines or taking workshops. Then create your collection that consists of at least five different pieces of jewellery. Next take great photos of the items and start selling them through sites like Etsy, Just Beads, Art Fire and eBay. If you'd like to get out into the real world and mingle with customers, sell your jewellery at local craft shows, and fairs, and approach consignment shops to carry your jewellery.

Dog Walking

If you live in a city, you can make some serious cash walking neighbourhood dogs on a part-time basis. Dog walking has become popular in cities like New York and Chicago, because there are many pet owners with demanding day jobs who can't make it home in time to walk their dogs. First, walk a few dogs that are owned by family members or friends so you can collect references. Then, create flyers and Internet ads advertising your services. Go to as many apartment buildings as you can and drop off about 10 flyers next to mailboxes or ask the concierge if you can leave the flyers on the desk for interested tenants. Be sure to put your rates, contact information, availability and the features that are included in your services (for example, you'll refresh the water and food bowl after the walk). A fair starting rate is £6 per hour. If you walk a pack of five dogs three times per day for five days per week, you'll earn £487 for just a few hours of work.

Personal Laundry Service

Starting a small-scale personal laundry service can be a lucrative side business that doesn't require much effort. Examples of your potential customers would be out-of-town summer home renters, working moms, college students and the elderly. Advertise your services by posting local ads on the Internet, in the newspaper and placing flyers in high-traffic areas in your neighbourhood. Don't go into too much detail regarding the variety of services offered. Keep it simple by only giving customers two options. Option A: door-to-door same-day laundry service; laundry will arrive folded; price is £29. Option B: door-to-door laundry service, delivered within 36 hours, and clothes will remain unfolded; price is £22. While this may not seem like much money, if you can manage to land just 10 clients throughout the week who order option A, you can pocket £292.

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