Games to Play at a 25th Anniversary Party

Updated February 21, 2017

When planning a 25th anniversary party, include games to keep the party moving and entertain your guests. Select games based on the guests that are attending. If children will be present, include games that are appropriate for younger guests. Customise games so that they are relevant to the couple you are honouring.

Games on Paper

Games on paper are simple ways to get guests involved with a game that can be completed while they are waiting (waiting for dinner to start or waiting for the guests of honour to arrive). Crossword, word searches and trivia quizzes can all be personalised so that they are relevant to the couple. For a trivia game, include questions about where the couple is from, how they met and where they had their wedding. For a crossword puzzle, include questions relevant to how long the couple dated before marriage, when the couple got engaged and where they went on their honeymoon. Word searches can include words specific to the couple, as well as words relevant to an anniversary. As an alternative, a word search may include phrases primarily about a 25th anniversary, such as the traditional gift and colour associated with celebrating 25 years of marriage.

Dance Competition

Select music that would have been playing during the time the couple got married. Encourage guests to dance in a style that was popular when the couple married, incorporating moves and time-specific dances as appropriate. The couple of honour can judge each participant and award prizes for the most creative dancer. Both children and adults will enjoy competing in a dance competition.

Whisper Game

Arrange guests in a line or a semi circle. Create a phrase relevant to the couple, such as a wish for a happy 25th anniversary. Whisper the phrase to the first person in line. That guest will then whisper the phrase to the next person in line, and each guest will continue until the final guest in line has heard the phrase. The last person to hear the phrase should say it out loud to see if it matches the original statement. The whisper game is especially entertaining when children are included as they may mix up the message.

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