Wood plaque craft ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A handy craft idea is to customise wooden plaques for any room or decor. Wooden plaques can be large or small, square, rectangle or cut into shapes. Think of something you like, whether it is a poem, photo or holiday theme to create a customised plaque for any room in your home. Highlight a memory on a wooden plaque or display an accomplishment. Craft plaques and supplies are available in most discount department or hobby stores.


Purchase any size wooden plaque that you like. You will need wood glue, wood sealer and the decorations specific to your project.

Print a copy of your favourite poem or inspirational saying. Cut the paper to the same size as the surface of the plaque. Use a lighter and burn the edges of the paper to create an old look to the paper. Work quickly and use a cloth to put the singed edges out before it gets to the lettering. The easiest way to do this is have a cloth lightly dampened and pat the flames quickly. You may have to try a couple of times to get the look you want. An adult needs to do this step if the project is being done by children.

Spread wood glue onto the surface of the plaque, centre the paper and press it into the glue. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles and allow the glue to dry. When the glue is completely dry, apply three to four coats of any type of wood sealer. Note that the more coats of sealer you apply, the shinier the plaque will be.

Wood Burning

Use a wood-burning tool and a pattern. Transfer the pattern to the surface of the plaque with transfer paper. Use different tips for the wood burner and follow the lines of the pattern to burn the pattern onto the plaque (follow manufacturer's directions for operating the wood-burner). Use the handwriting tool and handwrite a name or something on the plaque as well. Wood burning takes practice, so do not worry if the first plaque you make is not as pretty as you thought it would be. If you're new to wood burning, practice on a block of wood before using the actual plaque. Many pattern books and wood-burning kits are available at hobby, craft and discount department stores. If children are involved in this craft, an adult should be the one to handle the wood-burning tool.


If you have knowledge of woodworking tools and building, trace an outline of something onto the plaque and cut out the design. For example, cut a shape of an animal or house out of a block of wood. Sand the edges to make them smooth. Stain the wood to any desirable colour and hand-paint the front of the shape. For example, cut the shape of a rabbit and paint it a light grey. Paint a yellow bow around its neck and some Easter eggs for an Easter decoration.


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