Making Hats: Kids' Crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

Kids love to make and wear hats. Have a craft workshop and give them construction paper, decorative papers, stickers and other decorations to create wearable art. Provide each child at his workplace all the materials he needs. An hour or less is all that is needed for children to cut, decorate and complete a project. Templates for hats, simple supplies and instructions work well within the short time frame kids have for a project (with some adult help).

Making a Pirate Hat

Make a pirate hat template (see image in this section) on white card stock. Cut it out and make an outline on black construction paper with a silver metallic marker. Cut a strip of black construction paper on a paper cutter as the back head band to be attached. Other supplies can be crossbones and skull stickers (store bought or handmade cut from peel-and-stick white foam sheets). Give kids safety scissors for cutting the front of the hat and let them decorate it. Staple the head band to each side of the hat front.

Making a Newspaper Hat

Fold a page of old newspaper in half. Fold the two corners down and into the centre to meet in the middle of the folded page. Make a fold with one side of the hat two or three times. Turn the hat over and do the same on the other side. Press the creases flat on the hat. This should fit a young child's head, but the size of the newspaper page can be adjusted larger or smaller as necessary to make it fit comfortably.

Making a Sun Visor

Use a paper plate to create a sun visor template. Use a marker to mark and cut the centre out to fit over the head of the crafter. Start small and mark and cut more if needed. Make the front wider than the back. Snip off two inches at the back with scissors. Lay the template on construction paper or heavy decorative paper and trace the design with a marker. Let the child cut out the sun visor and decorate it as he desires with peel-and-stick paper or foam stickers. An adult can staple the back strips of the visor after adjusting the fit.

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