Natural cures to stop menstrual bleeding

Updated March 23, 2017

Monthly menstrual cycles are a fact of life for most women, but that doesn't mean that periods are easy to deal with. Some women face heavy bleeding that lasts for a week or more, painful cramps and emotional distress during menstruation. Hormonal remedies, like birth control pills, are often used to treat menstrual problems and give women more control over their cycle, but they are not well tolerated by everyone. Natural remedies for stopping menstrual bleeding are a better solution for women who wish to avoid taking hormone-based pills.

Natural Remedies: What to Expect

It is very unlikely that you will be able to completely stop menstruating with the help of natural remedies. What natural treatments can do, however, is reduce the length of your period, reduce the severity of cramps and make your flow lighter. If you wish to stop menstruation for a period of time, you will need to discuss medical treatments with your doctor, such as using a hormone based birth control pill. Note that if the natural remedies don't give you the relief you are after and your period is still troublesome, you should see your doctor to determine the underlying cause.

Natural Remedies to Try

There are several different natural options that are believed to address menstrual problems. Different women have success with different remedies, so you may need to use some trial and error to find the solution that gives you the most relief.

The idea behind most natural remedies is to rely on herbs and vitamins that encourage blood clotting. Various herbal teas may help reduce menstrual bleeding and cause your period to end earlier than normal. Dried yarrow root, dissolved in a cup of boiling water and left to steep for ten minutes, is one option. Gynecologists use an herb called Shepard's Purse to treat hemorrhaging, and it may help cease menstrual bleeding as well. Nettle tea and homemade cinnamon tea, made by simmering a cinnamon stick in water, are also believed to help. Last but not least, adding 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to your tea of choice can help slow bleeding.

For all teas, drink them two or three times a day for best results. You can obtain the herbs from a health food store or see the resources section for ordering information.

Vitamins A, K and C are all associated with blood clotting. Further, women with deficiencies of these vitamins tend to have heavier periods. Take supplements of these vitamins to help lighten your menstrual flow.

More Options

Heavy periods are often associated with other conditions. Stress, excess weight, lack of exercise, poor sleeping habits and poor diet can all wreak havoc with your menstrual cycle and cause your periods to be heavy and long. Make a point of eating well, getting enough sleep and physical activity and managing stress, and your may see improvements in your menstrual problems.

If the natural remedies and working on your general health do not solve problem with heavy period flow, see your doctor for advice and to see if another underlying medical condition is causing your issues. If you are on medication for other health problems, you should also check with your doctor before adding vitamins and herbs to your routine, as some of them may interfere with the way your medication works.

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