Homemade Wizard of Oz Costumes

Updated April 17, 2017

Making costumes for Halloween or for costume parties allows you to put your own creative touch on an ensemble. Homemade costumes are also usually less expensive than ready-made store-bought costumes, and can be a fun craft project to complete. Costumes based on the iconic characters from the magical world of The Wizard of Oz never go out of style, making them a popular choice for anyone looking to create their own handmade costume.


Recreating the look of Dorothy can be accomplished using just a few inexpensive items. To make her famous ruby slippers, spray a pair of shoes with red spray glitter, making sure to give them plenty of time to dry before wearing them. Next, make Dorothy's classic pinafore by using blue plaid fabric. The dress has a simple knee length skirt, with an overall-style top. You can use a dress pattern to create it, or if you're more experienced, you can try sewing a freestyle outfit. Print out a picture of Dorothy to use as a reference when creating the dress. Add a little white lace piping around the neckline and hemline of the dress, and wear a plain white blouse underneath. If you have a stuffed dog toy laying around, you can use it as a stand-in for Dorothy's dog, Toto. If not, inexpensive stuffed animals can be found in most thrift stores or toy stores. Put the dog in a wicker basket, braid your hair in pigtails, and you're ready to go.

The Witches

The Good Witch and the Wicked Witch are also popular Wizard of Oz costumes. To make a Glenda the Good Witch costume, get some sparkly star wire from a craft store and shape it into a magic wand. You can also use star wire to create a tiara. Use white or silver organza or other sparkly fabrics to make Glenda's dress. Wrap bunches of fabric to make a skirt, and wrap more around your torso to create a simple top. Sewing the fabric is optional; you can, if you choose, simply secure the fabric using safety pins. Glue on extra sequins and glitter to create more sparkle on the dress, and save a piece of shimmery fabric to wear over your shoulders.

A Wicked Witch costume is even simpler to create. Using black fabric, you can create a tent-style witch dress by cutting a hole in the middle to stick your head through. Sew the sides of the fabric together, leaving arm holes on either side, and use a thin strip of fabric to tie around your waist. Use scissors to cut the hemline of the dress into points, and use more black fabric as a cape. Wear black hose and black pointy shoes. Buy an inexpensive witch hat, paint your face and arms with green face paint, and grab a broom.

Other Characters

A Tin Man costume can be made using silver spray paint, face paint and a little cardboard. Make an oil funnel hat by bending and gluing cardboard, and spray paint it silver. Make the rest of the outfit using more silver-painted cardboard. Bend the cardboard around your torso and seal it with plenty of glue. Secure it over your shoulders using sturdy string. Do the same thing on your arms and legs, and tie these pieces to the torso section by punching holes in the cardboard and connecting them together with string. Spray paint white trousers and a white shirt silver and wear them underneath the cardboard. Use silver skin paint to paint your face.

A Scarecrow costume requires just a blue long-sleeved shirt, brown trousers and a rope tied around the waist. Cut brown fabric into strips and glue it around the sleeves, the hem of the trousers, and the shirt's neckline to give the appearance of straw. Top the look off with a floppy black hat.

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