Funny tips for being a good husband

Updated March 23, 2017

Listen up, fellas. If you want to become a better husband or you want to start off on the right foot in a marriage, be sure to remember a few simple tips for a healthy, happy marriage. Women are not as complex as you may think. They just have different expectations, that's all.


When your wife says something, listen. And "listen" as in hear what she said instead of grunting, "yes, dear." She really does know if you are answering just to stop the incessant nagging. However, had you listened the first time, she would not be pestering you. Listening is key. If you listen, then you know what she wants and you learn why you get yelled at every time you are tasked to do the laundry. Had you listened, you would have heard that bunching up the socks and throwing them into the drawer is not acceptable. However, you would only know that if you listened.


Although listening is definitely step one, the all-important step two is to remember what you heard. When you remember, you do it right the next time, which will make your wife happy, and in turn, make you and your marriage happy. For example, if you remembered that your wife asked you to empty the dishwasher and mow the lawn on Tuesday and if you finished the dreadful chores by Saturday afternoon, you just earned yourself some major points. And by remembering your honey-do list, you halted the nagging voice that sounds nothing like the woman you fell in love with and married.


Once you do something right, you have to do it over and over again. Why? Well, you have now created an expectation. If you managed to correctly put away all of the clothes and wash the dishes without being asked, you better do it again the next time, or you will hear, "Do you not know how to help out around here? Did you forget?" So this lesson tends to come as a double-edged sword. However, there is another way to score points and not get stuck sitting on the floor, sorting a miserable pile of clothes. Select chores that you do not mind doing as much or that gets you out of the house, because you will be stuck with these tasks until death do you apart.

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