Spy costume ideas for kids

Updated June 09, 2017

A spy costume can be a fun choice for a kid. James Bond movies have remained popular since 1962, and there continue to be more films made with spies as the lead characters. Spy costumes can sometimes be difficult to make, since spies are not supposed to have uniforms. Following the conventions of the more common spy stereotypes can help to make a good spy costume.

Generic Spy Costume

Quite often, when movies and television need an anonymous spy to follow a character, they wear clothing intended to obscure as much of their features as possible. These costumes have a trench coat with the collar pulled up, obscuring the face. The coat is usually buttoned all the way to the neck. A white, collared shirt and tie are worn under the coat (if anything under the coat is showing). Dress trousers and shoes typically complete the outfit. Almost every generic spy wears dark sunglasses and a hat. Fedoras are the most common choice for the hat, but bowlers are also used on occasion. The colour of the coat, trousers, and hat are usually grey, tan, brown or black. This costume works especially well if two people wear exactly the same supposedly "nonchalant" costume.

James Bond Costume

James Bond has a very stylistic appearance that makes an easy choice for a spy costume. In the movies, Bond wore a wide variety of clothing, but he is most distinctly remembered in a tuxedo. The connection is so strong that wearing a tuxedo at a costume party can be enough to indicate a spy. This is also a really easy spy costume to make. All you need is a black suit, white collared shirt and a black bow tie. All of these pieces of clothing can usually be found at thrift stores.

Girl Spy Costumes

Most girl spies wear the generic trench-coat-style costume or just wear normal clothes. Creating a good costume for the more James Bond variety of female spy is a little bit tougher. One trick to get around this is to have a more formal dress and add a matching cap with an insignia pin. This creates the more formal feel, like the James Bond costume, but the insignia helps give the impression of a spy. Wearing this kind of costume in conjunction with someone in a James Bond costume tends to work better than on its own.

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