Fashion for Women Over 40

Updated April 17, 2017

Dressing an over-40 body isn't as complicated as you may think. The only real secret to mastering fashion for women over 40 is to throw trends out the window. Don't listen to the strange tips like wearing only black and going two sizes up to conceal your bulges. Stick to the basics of flattering fashion and you'll be a master at dressing your body in flattering ensembles.


Comfortable shoes don't have to be ugly shoes, so stop sacrificing style for comfort. Liven up your shoe wardrobe by choosing shoes with a low to midheel in a striking material, such as crocodile skin or snakeskin. Choosing a lower heel (up to 3 inches) reduces the stress put on your arches and the balls of your feet.

When it comes to shoes, don't try to scrimp and save. Generally, shoes that carry a higher price tag offer higher shock absorbency and increased comfort. Stores that offer such shoes include Anthropologie, DSW, Frye and Macy's.


When a woman steps out of her home, she wants her clothes to make her look sexy, sophisticated and slim. However, many women over 40 are beginning to deal with the dreaded sagging of the bust and abdominals. The easiest way to "rid" yourself of these issues immediately is by investing in quality undergarments. Purchasing a push-up bra and a control-top panty will conceal your pooch and give your girls a lift. A word of caution: To avoid being mistaken for a cougar, select a push-up bra that will give your girls a realistic lift.


Stop wearing dresses that are too matronly, have too-long hemlines and feature unflattering necklines. A dress that hits slightly above the knee is ideal; hemlines that stop at midcalf or midthigh generally hit at the most unflattering places.

Ideal necklines for your dresses are deep V-necks and scoopnecks as they visually elongate the torso and highlight your bust. Long sleeves or bare arms are the way to go as they elongate the arms; short sleeves may make you look chunky if your arms aren't perfectly toned.

Last but not least, avoid small prints. Stick to this rule: large prints or no prints. Small prints and patterns are too busy and will make your midsection look bigger.

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