Astronaut costume ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

An astronaut suit is a great costume for several reasons: it will keep your child warm, it is unique, and it is fairly easy to make. Astronaut costumes are considered difficult to create, but they are easier than you may think. Since people seem too intimidated to make this costume, its appearance makes a nice surprise at costumed events. Also, this costume uses long trousers and long sleeves, making it a good costume option on cold nights!

Astronaut Suit

To make an astronaut suit for your child, begin with a clean white sweatshirt and white sweatpants. Astronauts wear many patches on their suits, so use felt to fashion a few of your own. Some ideas include cutting out the letters "USA" and using fabric glue to attach them down one leg. Other kinds of patches could be "NASA" or creative outer-space expedition names.

Next, use a long piece of black felt to create a belt. Cut circles out of different colours of felt and glue onto the belt. Sew Velcro to the ends of the belt to secure closed.

Astronaut Boots

To make astronaut boots, find a pair of rain boots or tall winter boots. Lay out newspaper to set the boots on. Spray paint the boots silver in a well-ventilated room. When the boots are dry, use a paint brush and blue paint to write the letters "USA" on the sides of the boots.

Air Packs

Air packs will really make this costume look authentic. Save two plastic 2-liter bottles and duck tape them together so they are side-by-side. In a well-ventilated room, spray paint the taped bottles silver. Next, hot glue two straps to the back of the bottles, so that the air packs can be worn as a backpack. Straps can be made from either old backpack straps or strips of black felt.

Astronaut Helmet

To make an astronaut helmet, find an orange plastic pumpkin pail that is big enough to fit your child's head. Use a dremel tool to cut a rectangular hole for his face to see through. Spray paint the helmet either silver or white. Run black electrical tape along the cut edges to help prevent him from being scratched. Attach a sticker of the American flag to both sides of the helmet or other stickers your child would like. If the helmet feels too wobbly, punch a hole in each side of the bottom and attach two strings that can be tied together to hold the helmet in place.

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