Punch recipes for kid's birthday parties

Written by alicia bodine | 13/05/2017
Punch recipes for kid's birthday parties

Birthday parties are the best time to make a bowl of delicious punch. There are so many punch recipes out there, you may not know which one to choose. Of course, you can always make two bowls of punch if you can't decide on a flavour. Here are a few colourful punch recipes your children are sure to enjoy.

Recipe #1

Place six ounces of orange juice and six ounces of lemon juice in the freezer until they freeze. Take them out of the freezer and place them in a large punch bowl. Add a two-liter bottle of 7UP. Then add one quart of fruit punch (doesn't matter which brand) and mix the ingredients together. Ten minutes before your guests are set to arrive, scoop some rainbow sherbet on top. When you serve the punch, place a cherry in each glass first. Decorate with a drink umbrella if you have one.

Recipe #2

Get out a large punch bowl and pour one quart of apple juice in it. Follow that by adding one quart of pineapple juice and one quart of orange juice. Set the punch bowl in the refrigerator for three hours. Fifteen minutes before the party is set to begin, add two quarts of ginger ale to the punch bowl and combine the ingredients. Scoop some lime ice over the top of the punch and serve cold.

Recipe #3

Carefully cut up two lemons and three oranges into thin slices. Place them in the bottom of your punch bowl. Pour in two bottles of sparkling apple cider, one litre of carbonated water and six ounces of frozen lemon juice concentrate. Add one tablespoon of sugar and 20 ice cubes. Mix until all of the ingredients are combined. Set out some punch glasses or styrofoam cups if you don't want to wash dishes.

Tip: Taste and add more sugar if you like the punch a little sweeter.

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