Home remedy for a lost voice & cough

Updated February 21, 2017

Losing your voice is a very annoying problem to have. When coupled with a bad cough, consider your day ruined. Good thing, though, many treatments are available to treat a lost voice that can also help your cough, and many of the ingredients you probably have on hand.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea has been used to treat medical conditions for thousands of years in the Chinese culture. Proponents believe that the healing enzymes and antioxidants found within the tea draw out the bad toxins in the body that cause disease, thus curing and preventing any possible problem one might have brewing within them. Many different herbal teas are out there, but black tea and chamomile tea are considered the best for the treatment of a cough and lost voice. To prepare, pour hot water into a heat-resistant mug along with the tea. Add a splash of lemon juice to agitate the tea and release the healing enzymes. Also mix in one tablespoon of honey to help lubricate your throat to help with the lost voice. Drink slowly to subdue the cough and heal your voice.


Many times the reason you lose your voice and gain a cough is because your air passages are overworked, making them dry and brittle. You need to reintroduce moisture into the air passages; the best way to do that is with steam. Take a long, hot bath or shower and breathe in the steam it gives off. This will open up your sinuses and put moisture back into the airways.


If you talk a lot, you need to drink a lot of water. As you talk, the moisture is sucked right out of your lungs and airways. You need to replenish the moisture you take out with water. When you wake up in the morning, drink at least 591ml of water. Throughout the day, drink a glass of water every hour or so to further help the hydrating process. Your voice will thank you for it.

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