Homemade Bedroom Decorations

The most personal space in your home is your bedroom. Create homemade decorations to express your personality and individual style. Showcase your passions, your relationships and your zest for living in the room you spend a large portion of your life in. You do not have to be crafty to create personal touches to display in your decorating scheme.


Photos of friends, family and memorable moments add a personal feel to the space. Frame and mat them the same for a gallery feel. Create a grouping using frames of the same colour, but different styles, around the room for a polished look. For a whimsical interior design style, create a grouping with mismatched frames. Make photo collages of a favourite trip, a special event or nature photographs to display.

Shadow Boxes

Originally created by Victorian Women for homemade decorations in their homes, shadow boxes have never lost their appeal in capturing memories. Display mementos from trips such as seashells, matchbooks and postcards. Use old play bills, menus, love letters and dried flowers to tell the story of your love life. Gather together heirloom trinkets such as your grandmother's locket or grandfather's pocket watch and mount their wedding picture in the centre.


Even the most inartistic can create decorative artwork for their bedroom. Make signs that express your personality. Romantic options include hanging "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" over a marriage bed or "Sweet Dreams" over a child's. Use stencils to draw a landscape. Go the abstract route and use wide brush strokes, shapes and symbols to paint on canvas.


Make throw pillows, quilts, curtains and pillow cases if you are handy with a needle and thread. Dress up lampshades with a little hot glue and some rope or beaded trim. Mosaic vases, picture frames and bedside tabletops for colourful punches in the space. Découpage boxes to hold jewellery keys or loose coins on your dresser top.

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