Art Activities for Primary School

Updated July 13, 2018

Art makes a great elective for primary school kids, either in a traditional school setting or for homeschooling, and it can be a fun curriculum for teachers and parents to plan. Your imagination is the limit when planning activities for this creative subject. Some structured activities can help your kids to develop basic art skills while letting them express themselves freely.

Drawing Emotions

Print a list of emotions off of the Internet and talk about what they mean and feel like to your kids. Next, write the emotions on index cards and place them into a fishbowl. Have each child close her eyes and draw out an index card. Provide paper and crayons and ask each child to draw the emotion listed on her index card. Once the children are done with their creations, have them share about what they drew and why.

Draw a Story

Read a favourite story to your children and then ask them to list all the important people, places and things in the story. Provide them with basic art materials and ask them to draw the story. You could have them work together on one story board or have each of your kids create their own and then share them with each other.

Mixed Media Collage

Spend an afternoon gathering eye-appealing materials with your children. Choose interesting paper, fabric, cut-outs from magazines, plastics, foils and more. Next, provide each child with a canvas or sturdy piece of tag board, along with scissors and glue. Ask them to think of a happy day in their life and to create a collage using the materials gathered throughout the day. When they are done, take video of them as they collectively explain the process of creating their collages, and then share the video with family and friends.

Clay Fun

Modelling clay is a lot of fun to work with, because it is easy to shape, feels cool on the hands and comes in lots of bright colours. Spend the day learning to make bowls and cups with modelling clay. You might also bring out an anatomy book and try learning to sculpt various body parts. It can be fun to try to sculpt family members' faces or to try and create a sculpture of the family pet. Be sure to take photos of each creation as you go, as they would be great fun to share with parents or to put in a scrapbook.

Paint a Dream

Ask your children to write down a dream they have had while they were sleeping. Share one of your own dreams and then break out the art supplies. Give each of your kids a watercolour set and ask them to paint the dream they wrote about. Talk about using colours that reflect the emotions of the dream and about different paintbrush techniques that give different effects. Once the paintings are done and have dried, have them framed and display them on your classroom walls.

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