Cake ideas for a disco party

Updated July 19, 2017

A disco-theme party is perfect for young children or even adults, and can be a welcome relief from traditional, more dull birthday parties. In addition to fun disco music and a colourful disco ball, commemorate your disco party with a speciality disco cake. Choose from a multilayered tier cake adorned with a disco ball on the top or a more traditional sheet cake airbrushed to display a disco scene. Use fondant or spray icing to create a truly professional-looking disco cake.

Disco Sheet Cake

The simplest way to produce a disco-themed cake is to create a traditional circular or sheet cake using your favourite cake mix. Once cake is cool, frost as normal and then use cake decorating markers or gels to draw a disco ball, disco dancer or stars. The design can be as easy or complicated as you like. You can also use spray frostings, available in most cake-decorating stores, to create dance lights or a colourful, '70s background. Consider using fondant and star-shaped cookie cutters, and adhere the fondant stars to the top or sides of the cake using frosting. Or, use frosting gels to write a fun message for the birthday boy or girl, such as "Have A Swinging Birthday" or "Dance! It's Your Birthday".

Disco Tiered Cakes

Disco tiered cakes offer a professional look and can be made as simple as you desire. To begin, simply bake cake batter in pans of different sizes. Once the cakes are cool, stack and decorate using buttercream or fondant, a premade rolled frosting that ensures a smooth layer. For buttercream frosting, simply mix 6 cups of icing sugar with 2 sticks of softened butter and 3 tablespoons of milk. For fondant frosting, simply unwrap premade fondant and roll, then slowly spread over the tiered cake. Fondant can also be used to cut out circles which can be spread along the cake's sides, or you can dye the fondant grey and roll into a large ball. Use a toothpick to serrate lines on the fondant to resemble a disco ball.

Disco Cupcakes

Disco cupcakes are perfect for a party with a large quantity of guests, and they ensure that each guest gets the same amount of cake as any other. Best of all, these desserts can be individually personalised for each guest at your party. After baking and cooling cupcakes as normal, frost and adorn with fondant stars or disco balls. Dye the fondant grey and roll it into an inch-diameter disco ball for the top of each cupcake, or use star-shaped cookie cutters and adhere gold fondant stars to the top of each cake. Cupcakes can also be decorated with a variety of colourful fondant squares or Starburst candies to resemble a disco dance floor. Use your imagination and candy to create truly unique cupcakes!


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