Mother's day cards for kids to make

Updated February 21, 2017

Mum will be thrilled to receive a handmade Mother's Day card from her little angel. Kids can make special greeting cards for Mum's Day with a variety of kid-friendly supplies including papers, decorations and even sweets. With some adult help, any kind of card made with little hands is a special one that will put a smile on mum's face. Making the card is a project the child will be proud of.


Provide basic materials for children to make Mother's Day cards, including plain cards cut from card stock, ready to decorate. Also provide markers, acrylic paint for hand prints, and peel-and-stick paper and/or foam stickers in Mother's Day themes such as flowers, gardens, hearts or butterflies. Children can also used coloured yarn and ribbon strips, novelty buttons and stamped or cut images. Have on hand plain or fancy scissors (safety and age-appropriate), glue sticks and A-7 size envelopes -- to fit 12.5 cm by 17.5 cm (5-inch by 7-inch cards). An adult can write "Happy Mother's Day" on a small piece of card stock for the child to glue on unless he is old enough to write it himself with markers.

Making a Mother's Day card

Help the child pick out the different card materials she would like to use to make the Mother's Day card. Show him how to start with the largest piece such as decorated or textured paper (cut or torn smaller than the basic card front), then add smaller items by size. Then, depending on the age and ability of the child, help or show her how to attach the papers and decorations with a glue stick. Have the child write inside the card "Happy Mother's Day" and sign it however he is able. The child can stamp her hand prints with acrylic paint or add foam heart stickers inside the card as well, and attach a little package of sugar hearts or chocolate kisses.

A few suggestions

An adult can use a hot glue gun to attach embellishments to the card that require stronger adhesives. Use a paper cutter to cut card stock into 25 cm by 17.5 cm (10 inch by 7 inch) sizes, then fold in half to make a 17.5 cm 12.5 cm (7 inch by 5 inch) basic card. Have a variety of Mother's Day-themed decorative paper pieces cut to 10 cm by 15 cm (4 inch by 6 inch) pieces in advance for the child to choose from to decorate the card. Many beautiful papers are available for free in expired wallpaper sample books; just ask at home decorator stores and home supply stores.

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