Ideas for Nursery Displays

Updated February 21, 2017

One of the biggest tasks in preparing for a new baby is decorating the nursery, and the extravagance of nursery displays depends on your preferences and your budget. Bright colours are stimulating for a baby, but remember that the room should also be calming so the baby can sleep. Whatever you decide, the room should provide a comfortable atmosphere for the new baby and parents.

Goodnight, Moon

"Goodnight, Moon" is a popular children's book written by Margaret Wise Brown. In the book, a bunny says goodnight to the various objects in his room. This would be a perfect theme for a baby's bedroom. Start with a comforter that has images of moons on it. From there choose one colour to paint the walls of the room and one colour to serve as accents. Light blue and yellow are easy choices that go well together. Next, scour children's stores and discount racks for bedtime-related decorative objects, such as lamps, stuffed animals or even knobs for dresser drawers. Check your local craft store for stick-on wall decals of moons and stars. These decals are great because you can simply peel them off without damaging the wall if your baby outgrows this theme. To get the full effect, purchase some glow-in-the-dark stickers of stars, moons and planets and stick them to the child's ceiling. When you turn off the lights in this celestial room, the ceiling will come to life with a vivid nighttime sky. To finish the room, of course, you will want to keep a copy of the "Goodnight, Moon" book on display.

Princess Theme

Princess-themed nurseries are a popular choice for baby girls' nurseries. There is a Disney Princess line of children's room accessories available to make decorating a cinch. If you prefer, you can avoid the Disney princesses and opt for a more general princess theme. The walls should be done in shades of pink, purple and white. A good idea is to start by finding a crib comforter that you like and find colours you like from that to paint the walls. Check your local craft store for stick-on wall decals with a princess theme. These decals are great because you can simply peel them off without damaging the wall when your baby outgrows this theme. Sheer pink and purple curtains will work well to create a princess effect. If you want to go all out, pick up a crystal chandelier or create one of your own to create a lighting effect fit for royalty. Costume jewellery makes a great accent to place throughout the room.

Noah's Ark

Animals are always a great choice for nurseries and there is no better theme than Noah's Ark for incorporating animals into the nursery. Furniture in a natural wood finish will give the room the feel of Noah's Ark, but any furniture will do. There are many different Noah's Ark themed crib sets available for purchase. After you select your bedding, choose one or two colours from the comforter to paint on your walls. From there, your imagination is the limit. Check your local craft store for stick-on wall decals with a Noah's Ark or animal theme. Another great idea is to put quotes from the biblical story onto the wall with stencils. Pick up stencils at any craft or mass merchandise store. You can paint a mural on your wall with the slogan "Two By Two" written in stencils over the picture. This idea will be especially cute in the nursery of twin babies. If you don't draw or paint well, you can find a picture that you like, blow it up to the scale you desire and print it from your home computer. Stick them to the wall with spray adhesive and you'll have a beautiful mural. To give the mural a mosaic feel, frame each printout in matching frames and hang side by side. Stuffed animals will be a welcome addition to this nursery theme; just remember you'll need two of every animal.

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