Cake decoration ideas for the three little pigs

If you're planning a three little pigs birthday party, you have plenty of options for cake decorating. There are complicated cakes you can make as well as simple cakes--you're only limited by your imagination. The story of the three little pigs is a classic, and it adapts well for first birthdays, toddlers, preschoolers and even triplets.

Three pigs cakes

Instead of stacking two round cake layers, you can lay three round cakes side by side to create three pig faces. You'll need to bake four round cakes and cut one into six wedges, for the ears. To prepare a base for this display, cover a sturdy piece of cardboard with aluminium foil. Lay each of the three "heads" side by side. You may need to trim the "ears" at the base so that they lay flush against the heads. Cover each with pink frosting. Add different-coloured bandannas underneath their chins. Use a piping tube with a star tip to add a contrasting shade of pink in an oval shape for the nose and in the centres of the ears. Use a round tip and black frosting to draw the eyes and mouth. If you're concerned that you can't sketch it, use images from children's books or the web for guidance.

Three pig houses cake

The three little pigs built houses of brick, straw and sticks. Use a sheet cake for a base and frost with green frosting. Erect three small "houses" by placing three cupcakes on top of the sheet. Secure them with skewers.

To decorate the straw house, use a piping tube with a round tip and cover it with an endless string of yellow frosting. Be sure that the frosting is rather stiff and doesn't melt. If it does, go over it with a comb to create the lines. You can also add slivered almonds.

For the brick house, press red Chiclets into the frosted sides of one cupcake and make a spiralled roof of black liquorice.

For the twig house, cover the cupcake with frosting and line up a layer of pretzel sticks around the outside and cover it with a roof cut from a green fruit roll-up.

You can dress up the rest of the scene by making a brown M&M path from one house to another.

Three pigs photo cake

Photo cakes are a quick and easy shortcut to cake decorating. You can order edible paper and ink from Internet vendors or upload your image to printers that offer edible printing services. Grocery store bakeries offer photo printing services. Cut a wedge from the centre of a sheet cake to make it look like an open book. Lay down two facing pages with text and images from the Three Little Pigs book. Use a piece of gum tape or fruit by the foot as a bookmark. Run a comb through white frosting on the edges to make it look like book pages.

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