Ideas for Centerpieces for a Moulin Rouge Party

Updated April 17, 2017

The Moulin Rouge is one of the most famous Cabaret-style nightclubs in the world. It is located in Paris, France and was built in 1889. It is considered the birthplace of the cancan dance. In 1991, a blockbuster movie set at the Moulin Rouge starred Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. Since the movie, many party hosts use Moulin Rouge as a theme for a party and therefore need Moulin Rouge party centrepieces.

Model Centerpieces

The actual Moulin Rouge is located in Paris, so Eiffel Tower models would be memorable centrepieces. The actual building has a windmill above its logo since the name actually means "red windmill." Small red windmills fit the theme also and you could have centrepieces all match or alternate an Eiffel Tower on some tables and red windmills on others.

Photo Centerpieces

Print movie stills of the Moulin Rouge movie on velum and glue them onto clear cylinder candles for a centrepiece. All the tables could be the same image or the images may vary by table. Buy or make wire photo holders that hold one or more photos in each holder and place movie still photos in each. Glue two photos together back-to-back so the centrepiece is seen from both sides of the table.

Chocolate Centerpieces

Use moulds and candy melts, found at most craft stores, to make centrepieces that can double as party favours. Melt the candy, fill the Eiffel tower, corset or windmill moulds, tap out the air and insert a stick. When cool, pop the chocolates out of the mould. Use varying lengths of lollipop sticks and push them into a piece of floral foam to make an edible centrepiece that guests can take home.

Other Ideas

The Moulin Rouge colours are red and black so centrepieces should involve those two colours. Buy some inexpensive vases and glue black lace around the top. Fill the vase with red silk or fresh flowers. Gather feather boas around the base of the vase and your guests may join in the cabaret fun later in the evening. Using glass vases and red roses, you can fill the vase around the stems with inexpensive black beads or glue them so they hang in garlands off the vase.

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