Spring arts & crafts ideas for children

Updated July 05, 2018

Spring lends itself to many colourful crafts. Flowers begin to bloom during this time, and Easter is on its way. Children can use this season as inspiration for some awesome crafts. The crafts must be age appropriate, however, or the child could get bored with a craft that is too easy. He could also get frustrated if the craft is too hard.

Spring Craft for Children Ages 2 to 6

Young children can make a ladybug out of a rock. Give each child a large, smooth rock and a set of acrylic paints. Have the children wash and dry their rocks so that the rocks are clean and ready to be painted. Next, have the children choose what colour they want their ladybug. Red is the typical colour, but it won't matter if the children want a blue or green ladybug. Let the children paint their ladybirds and then set the ladybirds aside to dry. Now have the children paint a head on the ladybug with black paint. then paint a black line down the middle of the ladybug to show where each wing is. Children can finish up painting the ladybug by adding some black dots on each wing. How many should be up to the child. Once the black paint dries, children can glue two google eyes to the head, and their ladybug is finished.

Spring Craft for Children Ages 7 to 12

Children can make a bird feeder to get ready for all the birds that will be coming back to their area for the spring season. Each child should have a milk carton that holds one quart of milk. Cut a hole in the front of the milk carton. The hole can be round or square depending on the child's tastes, but it shouldn't be too small. Next, have the children paint the milk carton. It can be a solid colour, or it can have flowers painted all over it. This is where the children get a chance to be creative. Once the paint dries, the children will need to punch a hole in the top of the milk carton. Show the children how to thread a piece of small rope or yarn through the hole so that you can hang the bird feeder when you are all finished. Give the children some birdseed and allow them to fill up their bird feeders. Hang the bird feeder up and you are all done.

Spring Craft for Children Ages 13 to 17

Older children can make a Faberge egg to celebrate spring. Give each teen an egg, a pin or sewing needle and a bowl. Show the teens how to use the pin to poke a hole in the top and bottom of the egg. Then have them lean over their bowl and blow through the top hole so that the egg comes out the bottom hole into the bowl. Have the teens apply a dab of glue to each of the pin holes. When the glue dries, have them use a piece of sand paper to sand the glue down to that it is smooth with the egg shell. Now let the children decorate the egg. This can be done so many ways. The egg can be painted. It can also be decorated with small squares of tissue paper. Magazine cutouts can be glued to the egg. Teens can also add fake jewels from a craft store. Just have several different supplies available to the teens and then let them decide how they want to decorate their Faberge eggs. They can display these eggs around the house as a sign of spring or Easter.

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