Ideas for fencing in a patio

Updated April 17, 2017

Fencing in your patio is a great way to create a more private and cosy area. Patios that are fenced in can also create a safer place for children or small animals to play. Fencing in a patio can be done in several ways to go with any patio style or shape.


Trees make for great patio fencing while keeping the area open and accessible to the yard and outdoors. Trees can be spaced close together for a more private fence or spread further apart for less privacy. Short, decorative trees can be used to keep the area open, while taller trees can help shade the patio from the sun. There are a few problems with a tree fence though. One is having to clean up the leaves in the fall, and the other is the fact that a tree fence is not completely enclosed. This makes it unsafe for providing an enclosed area for children and small animals.


Shrubs can add privacy and colour to a patio when used as fencing. Shrubs can be planted closely together to make a solid hedge. The hedge can be kept short for an open patio or grown tall to create a solid wall for privacy. Scrubs are available in different varieties, including evergreens that will remain colourful even in winter months. Other varieties grow flowers in the spring and summer for colour and sweet- smelling aromas around the patio. Some flowering shrubs may attract bees, so be prepared in the springtime for these insects.

Decorative Fence

Decorative fencing can be solid, such as vinyl or wooden fencing. Wire or iron fencing around patios can look like railing around the area for an open looking, but totally enclosed area. They can be tall for complete privacy or short for a more open atmosphere. Decorative fencing can be bought from hardware or lumber stores or custom-made to match the styling of your home.


Solid walls can be used as fencing around a patio. Low walls made of brick or stone create solid, permanent patio fencing. Gates can be added to these fences to make the patio completely enclosed and inaccessible from the outside or make the patio area completely safe and childproof. These walls are permanent and are difficult to demolish, so make sure you are happy with the design before building this type of structure.

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