Wedding Favor Ideas on a Budget

Updated February 21, 2017

Weddings are festive, joyous events, but as you plan your wedding, you'll realise just how much these grand occasions can cost. Wedding favours are one of the easiest ways to save a little bit of money, which will help you afford the other details you want included in your wedding. Many favours can be presented in charming ways without breaking the bank.

Traditional Favors

Candy is one of the easiest, least expensive favours you can give out at your wedding. Purchase candy in bulk, whether it's Hershey's Kisses, Jordan almonds, saltwater taffy or M&Ms in your custom wedding colours. Package the candy in small tulle circles tied closed with satin ribbon, and add a little tag with your names and wedding date. The tags can be printed from your home computer and cut to size. Each favour should cost less than one to two dollars in its entirety.

Votive candles can be purchased in bulk, either in plain unscented white or in any colour--and scent--of your choice. Plain white candles tend to be less expensive, so add colour by using little circles of colourful tulle and satin ribbons. You can also print labels or stickers. Plain glass votive holders can also be purchased in bulk. These are fast and easy for larger weddings, but may not be as cost-effective for smaller ones.

Small scented and sculpted soaps are another budget-friendly option. You can purchase "melt and pour" soap at many hobby stores; after making your soaps, package them in pretty cellophane or tulle. This craft may be more practical for smaller weddings, unless you have multiple moulds.

Practical Gifts

For larger weddings, purchase mini salt and pepper shakers with your monogram or a simple heart decoration. You can fill them with inexpensive candies or leave them empty. Glass coasters have many design options; there are even photo glass coasters. At bulk prices, these will cost one or two dollars each, sometimes less. Small silver or glass picture frames also cost less than one or two dollars apiece, and they can be both place card holders and favours.

Small bubble favours cost 10 to 25 cents each when purchased in bulk; they usually come in sets of 24 or 48. Choose plain, undecorated bottles if you want to personalise them; then add your own labels. It may be time-consuming to attach a sticker and ribbon to each bottle, but overall these favours are inexpensive and festive. Bubbles will also keep your younger guests busy for quite a while.

Bottle stoppers and can openers can be found on clearance for less than one dollar apiece or purchased in bulk for less than two dollars each. Wrap a decorative ribbon around each one and they're done.

Really Inexpensive DIY Favors

For really inexpensive do-it-yourself favours, try small tulle sacks of herbs, seeds or potpourri. It will save you time to do them in batches. Lay out a few tulle circles and grab a handful of your favour (the seeds, potpourri or herbs). Sprinkle a small handful in each circle. Tie the tulle into a sack with a short piece of colourful ribbon. You can also add a favour tag by attaching the tag to the ribbon. This whole project should cost about 25 cents a favour.

For another inexpensive choice, purchase small ceramic tiles at any hardware or home improvement store for less than 25 to 50 cents each. Hand-write a message on each using a permanent marker, draw a nice picture or place a preprinted sticker on the tile.

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