Game of Life Rules

Updated March 17, 2017

The Game of Life was first developed in the 1960s and is suited for two to six players.The goal of the game is for players to proceed through their lives, getting a job, getting married and having children, all while trying to keep their assets high and their debts low.

Setting Up

Select one car and place a peg of your choice in the driver's seat. Separate the Career, House Deeds, Stocks and Salary cards into four decks and place them near the board. Take four Life Tiles and place them place them face down on the Millionaire Estates space on the board. All other Life Tiles are placed in a separate pile.

First Turns

Distribute £6,500 to each player at the start of the game. Each player spins the wheel, and the player with the highest spin goes first. Play continues clockwise from the starting player.

On his first turn of the game, each player chooses to attend college or begin working. If you've chosen to attend college, take out a Bank Loan of £26,000 and place your car on the "Start College" space. Proceed to the "Job Search" space and stop. Next, draw three cards at random from both the Career and Salary card piles. Pick your career and salary from the cards chosen.

If you've made the decision to bypass college, place your car on the "Start Career" space and draw one Career card and one Salary card. If you've chosen a Career card that says a degree is required, place it back in the deck and draw again.

Progessing Through the Game

As you progress through the game, take note of the spaces on the board. Directions on orange spaces must be followed; blue spaces are optional. Any time you pass a green space labelled "Payday," collect your salary from the bank.

Life spaces reward you with a Life Tile. Keep the tiles face down until the end of the game. If you land on a Career space, you must pay the amount listed on the space to the player who has the matching card or to the bank if nobody has the matching Career card. Players must also pay £3,250 if they spin a ten and another player has the Police Career card. The Baby space rewards you with an additional peg for your car and a Life Tile.

Milestone Spaces

There are two red spaces on the board, and you must stop on them even if you spun a higher number. These are the milestones in your life. When you land on "Get Married," you'll obtain a spouse peg for your car as well as a Life Tile. When you land on the "Buy a House" space, choose a random House Deed card. You must pay the amount listed on the deed, borrowing from the bank if you're low on cash. After doing so, you get to spin and move again.

Stocks, Insurance and Loans

The following can be purchased at the start of any turn. Automobile insurance costs £6,500, while Homeowner's insurance is dictated by the amount listed on the deed to your house. Stocks are £32,500 and correspond to the numbers on the spinning wheel. If any player spins your number, the bank pays £6,500. Loans are granted in multiples of £13,000 and are paid back with £3,250 interest upon retirement.

Ending the Game

When you reach the end of the board, choose to retire at either Millionaire Estates or Countryside Acres. The player in Millionaire Estates with the highest amount of cash takes the four Life Tiles on the space. All players add up their total cash and the amounts on their Life Tiles. The richest player wins.

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