Bay Window Dressing Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Bay windows make a great accent to both the exterior and the interior of the home--that is, when they are decorated properly. Too many bay windows are simply sitting dormant and unused when they could be proudly dressed up--and we're not talking about just curtains, shades or blinds. But what exactly you'll put in the bay window of your own home is completely up to you.

Tips for Everyday Decoration

It's not hard to dress up any bay window. With just a little imagination and a little bit of cash to spend, you can decorate your home's bay window and have it looking like new today.

Plants -- Living house plants look beautiful in any bay window and are rather simple to take care of with just a little water and some TLC.

Candles -- Available in all shapes, sizes, colours and even scents, candles always look nice in front of a bay window--especially when lit. To eliminate any fire hazard, you may want to consider LED candles.

Lamps -- Lamps have a similar, albeit larger and more vibrant effect than a candle, and they work well for dressing your bay window as well.

Trophies and Awards -- If you've won numerous trophies or awards over the years and you are proud of your achievements, you may want to display them in the bay window for everyone to see.

Other Collectibles -- Nearly any other type of collectable you have will make for a great addition to your bay window. Dolls, model cars or aeroplanes, antiques--if you have it, you can display it in your bay window.

Holiday Decoration

The holidays are a great excuse to change the decor of your bay window to match the season. Cotton strung out like spider webs and toy spiders are great here for Halloween, as are figures of skeletons, skulls, black cats and witches. Black or blood red curtains can be used for an added eerie effect, and of course there are endless other decorations to be found during the month of October in nearly any local store.

Christmas offers up some wholesome decorating activities as well. Apart from adding Christmas lights and artificial snow, you might set up a miniature train and perhaps even a tiny Christmas village, too. Nativity scenes are quite popular for dressing a bay window, or you can even put your fully decorated Christmas tree here between red and green curtains for the whole neighbourhood to share.

Easter decorating can be fun and easy too. Simply spread some faux Easter basket grass around the floor and edges of your bay window and place a couple of painted Easter eggs amid it. You may even want to browse your local toy store for a stuffed, plush rabbit to put in the scene.

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