Scarecrow Costume Ideas for Children

Written by andrea hermitt | 13/05/2017

If you are looking for a costume for your child that is warm, comfortable and child-friendly, try making a scarecrow costume. This homemade costume option requires little planning and can be used to make a last-minute costume with just one trip to a craft store. It can be used for children of all sizes and is effective for trick-or-treating in cold weather.

The Basics

The basic wardrobe pieces for a scarecrow costume are a pair of jeans or overalls. A pair with holes would be ideal. You will also need a flannel shirt or a sweatshirt and a straw hat. Because a scarecrow costume can be kind of scratchy, plan for the child to wear the costume on top of a sweatshirt or long-sleeved shirt and thin trousers. This is very useful in cold weather.

Straw Filling

Straw can be scratchy and unsanitary. For children, you will want a softer, safer substitute. One good softer version of scarecrow straw for stuffing is a natural colour hula skirt that you can cut up. Stick the cut-up hula skirt material into holes in the trousers and use duct tape to on the inside of the trousers to hold the material in place. Also tape this "straw" to the insides of the wrists and ankles of the outfit so it will stick out. Raffia is also quite effective as a straw substitute. Use it to make a belt, and even tie some around the neck and wrists for an added detail.


Customise your scarecrow costume with some of these detail ideas. Cut an old handkerchief into squares, and sew them as patches all over the outfit. You can use fusing tape to stick them on the outfit if you don't sew. Create a pumpkin-head Halloween costume. To do this, cut down the center back to make it easy to take on and off. Make sure it has large eye holes and a nose hole. Do not use the pumpkin head for trick-or-treating--only for indoor parties. You never want to impede a child's visibility when outside at night. Face paint is another option. Simply paint a triangle nose, red cheeks and black lips. You can use a real rope as the costume belt and attach fall-coloured leaves all over the costume. In cold weather, you can work a scarf and jacket into the costume.

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