Pink ladies costume ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A Pink Lady can be a costume for one woman; however, it is most fitting costume for a group of women. After all, the movie, 'Grease', portrays the Pink Ladies as the ultimate schoolgirl clique of Rydell High School. Choose a specific Pink Lady from the movie or create your own Pink Lady look.


The most iconic item is a pink satin jacket with "Pink Ladies" embroidered on its back. Purchase the jacket from a costume store or find a plain satin pink jacket and get it personalised at an embroidery shop.

The shirt beneath is a minor detail, especially if you plan on wearing your Pink Ladies jacket. Wear a basic, slim-fitting black, white, or horizontally striped black & white top. Another option is to take fashion cues from Sandy at the end of Grease and look for a tight black off-the-shoulder top.

For a more edgy look, the Pink Ladies wore either tight black capri pants or leggings. For a squeaky clean image, a poodle skirt is just fine.

Shoes & Accessories

Accessories are the little details that can transform your costume from good to great.

Tie a scarf either around your neck or hair. Find one in bright pink, white, or polka dot.

Wear cat eye sunglasses.

'Grease' took place during the 1950s when the hourglass body shape was glorified. Wear a black belt to cinch the waist.

Slip into racy peep toe pumps, especially if you're wearing capri pants or leggings. Innocent saddle shoes are more appropriate for a poodle skirt.

Chew on bubblegum and don't be afraid to blow bubbles.

Make-up & Hair

Women had a more glamorous approach when putting on their face in the '50s. This was a time for classic movie starlets and pin-up models. When applying make-up, think crisply-defined red lips, dark eyebrows, cat eyes, and exaggerated false lashes.

Hair can be worn in either a ponytail with a scarf embellishment or put on a '50s period wig.

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