Space saving ideas for bedrooms

Updated April 17, 2017

Trying to make a small bedroom seem less crowded is no easy feat. The single most effective way to make a small bedroom seem larger and more functional is to go for a minimalistic look. When you get rid of unnecessary furniture, downsize on your accessories and learn to store clothes in the most compact fashion, you'll see your space transform from a cramped and uninviting room to the bedroom you've always wanted.


Get rid of junk. Nothing makes a small bedroom seem smaller than clutter. If you're currently displaying your childhood Barbie collection or teddy bears, get rid of them. You can use that space for storage or sleeker accessories that are far more visually appealing. If you have a make-up vanity in your bedroom, consider eliminating it altogether and simply applying your make-up in the bathroom. Anything that is sucking up extra space or visually cluttering your bedroom needs to go.

Smart Furnishing

Free up floor space. When you're in a teeny-tiny bedroom, freeing up floor space can make a world of a difference. Swap out your existing wide dressers for one tall, skinny dresser. Trade your existing nightstands for floating shelves mounted right next to your bed; you still get the tabletop you need to place a lamp and alarm clock without the bulk of a nightstand. If you currently have a big, cushy chair in your bedroom, trade it in for a storage ottoman. You can use it as storage and seating.

Smart Storage

You don't need to get rid of your extensive shoe or sweater collection, but you need to be smart about how you store them. Instead of clogging up your closet and drawers with out-of-season clothing, place them in a vacuum seal storage bag under your bed. If you have an extensive shoe collection, consider installing shelving in your closet to free up some closet space. If you have too many items to implement these storage tips, consider getting a captain's bed that provides additional drawer space.

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