What colour shoes to wear with navy blue trousers

Updated November 22, 2016

It's one of the age-old fashion questions: what colour shoes best "go" with navy blue trousers or trouser? The answer? Do it with thought and style and your options will be nearly endless.

White is casual

White and navy are often paired together in fashion - think striped sailor tops on elegant French women strolling along the River Seine. A beautiful pair of white summer heels or dressy sandals can work very well with navy trousers. A word of caution, however, comes to us from the Blue Suit Mom web site, which suggests that in business situations ensure your shoes are "as dark or darker" than your trousers. This recommendation calls for those white shoes to remain off-duty during work hours, only coming out to play for casual wear.

The basics

Traditional wisdom long held that navy suits must be paired with navy or brown shoes. But, in the past decade, black shoes have become acceptable and fashionable. This is primarily due to navy and black pairings on the runway from designer Donna Karan. In addition, you can pick out heels or flats in a charcoal or a deep burgundy colour, or even a metallic bronze in place of the expected navy or brown. If you want a simple and modern look, flesh-toned or nude coloured shoes can easily be paired with navy trousers -- especially in the evening, where they can sparkle with detailing or shine with a lovely patent.

Pops of colour

What about neon orange, bright red or a grassy green? Go for it. The simple use of a “pop of colour” in shoes and accessories to enliven basics. Try pairing a navy pantsuit with something unusual and stunning -- such as a beautiful pair of orange or red heels. Take a moment to match your navy trousers with a shoe that is just right for the situation. It's the chance to show of your personality with a fashionable and fun element of style, even with the old standby of navy blue trousers.

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