Potted Rose Plant Care

There are many benefits to planting roses in pots instead of in the ground. Gardeners who live in climates with harsh winters can bring potted roses indoors during the cold winter months. Gardeners with limited yard space can enjoy the beauty of potted roses on patios or decks instead of in the ground. Additionally, potted roses can be relocated as needed or desired.

Pot Size

Miniature roses can be successfully planted in 1- or 2-gallon pots. Floribunda roses are somewhat larger than miniature roses and can be successfully planted in 2-gallon pots. Hybrid tea roses can generally be planted in pots that hold at least 2 gallons and larger, with the pots being at least 14 inches high and 17 inches wide. Shrub and climbing roses can be planted in the same size pots as tea roses. A larger shrub rose may need a pot that is at least 24 inches high and wide.

Planting a Rose

Choose a pot with a drainage hole and cover the bottom of the pot with enough potting soil so that the current planting depth of the rose in the temporary pot will be roughly 3 inches below the rim of the permanent pot. Sprinkle ½ tsp liquid vitamins and 1 tsp slow-releasing fertiliser on the potting soil in the middle of the pot. Remove the rose from the temporary pot and place it in the permanent pot. Hold the rose and gently fill in potting soil around the edges of the rose in the pot. Keep the rose straight and cover the original dirt around the rose with approximately 1 inch of potting soil at the top of the pot. Pat down the soil to try to eliminate air pockets in the potting soil.

Let an hour elapse and water the rose with 1 gallon of water. Check the potted rose the next day and if the soil has settled, replenish with additional potting soil. Keep the soil evenly moist for the first week after planting.

Watering Schedule

For best results, add a soluble fertiliser to the water every time the roses are watered. Use the following Fahrenheit temperature guidelines to plan how often to water your roses:

Temperature in the 50s---water every five days. Temperature in the 60s---water every four days. Temperature in the 70s---water every three days. Temperature in the 80s---water every other day. Temperature in the 90s---water every day. Temperature in the 100s---water and mist daily.

Wintering Roses

Move potted roses inside if the weather grows cold in the autumn. For best results, potted roses should be placed in a dark place that is approximately 10 degrees C for six months. If this not possible, care for your roses as you do any other houseplant and continue to water and care for them during the winter months.


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