Dinosaur Arts & Crafts Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Kids love dinosaurs, to be sure. Encourage your children to explore their creativity as they learn about these prehistoric pals. Make dinosaur arts and crafts projects as part of a learning unit on dinos or just for fun on a rainy afternoon.

Dinosaur Habitat

Have kids build an entire dinosaur world. Use an empty plastic soda bottle and cut off the top half. Fill it with dirt and add crafty trees and plants. You can make these by bending brown and green chenille stems and sticking them into the dirt. Use plastic dinosaur toys to put into your habitat or make dinosaur cutouts from paper or craft foam.

For an alternative idea, you can make your habitat in a shoebox. In this case, colour the bottom and sides of the box to resemble dirt, grass, and sky; skip the actual dirt.

Dinosaur Puppets

Use a sock to make a dinosaur puppet. Find a green or brown sock, or use fabric dye to make it the right colour. Sew on buttons for eyes and cut felt triangles to make scales down its back. You can add teeth with white felt or even colour on it with fabric markers.

For a less-complicated option, make a puppet out of a paper bag. The crease in the bag becomes the dinosaur's mouth, and you can use construction paper to make its face, teeth or scales. You can also cut out a dinosaur shape from craft foam and glue it onto a craft stick to make a simple stick puppet.

Dinosaur Story

Make a story book with your kids so they can learn all about dinosaurs. Go online and research various types of dinosaurs as well as where they lived what they ate, their size and other fun facts. Have your child draw a picture of each type of dinosaur on the top half of a piece of printer paper, and then you can help him write the most interesting facts underneath every picture.

Use two sheets of construction paper or cardstock to make a cover for your book. Draw a picture of your favourite dinosaur on the front, and make a title. List your child's name as the author of this fun and informative piece of literature. Bind your pictures together by punching holes in the sides and tying bows with yarn. Or you can have your booklet professionally bound at an office-supply store.

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