Fundraising ideas for political campaigns

Updated April 17, 2017

Raising funds for political campaigns can be a challenge, especially in elections where multiple candidates are seeking a limited pool of funds. For that reason, well-organised fundraisers geared toward clear demographics are particularly important. Below are several ideas to assist you in planning a fundraiser for a political campaign.

Formal Dinner Events

Formal dinner events where donors are charged per person to dine and hear a candidate speak are an effective way to raise money, especially among a well-heeled demographic. These dinners, which can range from £32 to £325 a plate, depending on the public profile of the candidate, offer guests a chance to network with other donors as well as listen to the candidate's election platform in a more intimate setting. Hosting in a unique venue that a guest may not normally have access to, such as the home of a celebrity or in an exclusive wing of a museum, may provide additional incentive for a donor to contribute.

Meet and Greet Events

Meet and Greet fundraisers are more casual than formal dinner events and offer the public broad access to a candidate. Meet and Greets, which may be held at the home of a supporter or in a public hall, are usually simple affairs with only light snacks and drinks served. Attendees are asked to give a small donation to mingle with the candidate in an informal setting. These types of low-key events are especially appealing to younger voters who may find formal events too formal for their tastes. During a Meet and Greet session, the candidate should be approachable and prepared to offer a question-and-answer session that allows the public to inquire about the candidate's stand on various issues.

Phone and Online Solicitations

Sometimes, the most effective method to raise funds is simply to ask. Asking potential donors for contributions via the telephone or online is a great way to reach out to a wide demographic for funds. Phone banks are usually located in a donated space or campaign office and staffed by volunteers. If soliciting funds via telephone, volunteers should be upbeat and ready to handle rejection. Alternatively, candidates can seek funds via an online website. This method is a more passive way to raise money for a political campaign, but is still highly convenient as potential donors can give money with a few simple clicks on the candidate's website.

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