DIY: tractor cake

Updated June 26, 2017

If you are planning a birthday party for someone who loves farming or tractors, a tractor cake would be the perfect touch. While many bakeries would be happy to create one for you, you can do it yourself. Whether you have a lot or a little experience in baking, you have several options for making a tractor cake.

Sheet cake method one

The easiest way to make a tractor cake is to take a sheet cake and ice it to look like it has a field and a garden on it. Use two shades of brown icing to make the garden. Ice half of the cake with light brown icing and pipe the dark brown icing on to look like the rows. Then frost the other half of the cake green to look like the field. Then get a matchbox-style tractor and put it on top of the cake. Don't forget to write the birthday message with a contrasting colour on the field. This is easy to do and provides the birthday boy with a fun treat long after the party is over.

Sheet cake method two

Another relatively simple way to make a tractor cake is to make a large sheet cake. Freeze it overnight so that it is easier to cut. The next morning cut the cake into the shape of a tractor. It might be helpful to enlarge a picture of a tractor and lay it on top of the cake as a guide while you cut. When you have the shape that you desire, ice the cake with the appropriate colours.

Loaf pans

You can make a tractor cake is by taking two cakes baked in loaf pans and piecing them together with icing to create a tractor shape. Using a knife, cut off the rounded part from both cakes. Put a layer of icing on the first cake. Cut the second cake in half vertically and lay it on top of the first cake so that it looks like the cab of the tractor. Ice the whole cake and use biscuits as the wheels.

Tractor cake pan

Buy a tractor-shaped cake pan from your local craft shop. Use Wilton Cake Release on the pan to ensure that the cake will come out of the pan easily. Bake the cake according to the directions that come with the pan. While the cake is baking, create the colours of icing that you need. Let the cake completely cool before you ice it. Letting it sit in the fridge or freezer overnight makes icing it easier.

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