9 Year Old Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

As kids begin to get older, it gets harder to come up with good birthday party ideas. Around the age of nine, kids tend to grow out of the more babyish things, but are certainly not old enough for teen or adult party ideas. Get creative when it comes to your 9-year-old's next birthday party. Think about what he likes to do and turn that interest into a memorable party.


Plan a camping trip with a few of your child's friends. This gives her the opportunity to have a sleepover of sorts without calling it a slumber party. You might want to limit the number of kids you bring on your camping trip so that you can spend more time doing things with them instead of counting heads. Plan to do some hiking. You can give the guests blank journals where they can make tracings and rubbings of different interesting things they find on the hike. Give each child a disposable camera to capture the moments of the birthday party camping trip. Roast hot dogs over the fire for dinner and, instead of the traditional birthday cake, have s'mores.

Mystery Solved

Create a mystery theme for your 9-year-old's next birthday party. The storyline could be that someone stole all the presents. This requires you to do some planning ahead of time. You need to think of a place to hide the presents and then also leave clues along the way for the kids to follow. Create a scavenger hunt type of idea where they go from one clue to another, but pick up different objects as they go. You could have the presents scattered far and wide, and leave clues for the kids to collect them.

Video Game Theme

Send out your invitations and ask the guests to dress up as a character. For example, if your 9-year-old enjoys video games, request that each guest come dressed as their favourite video game personality. One of the games for this party could be that of best-dressed character. Take ideas from some popular video games and turn them into party games. For example, set up an obstacle course in your yard where guests jump over barrels and bananas as in Donkey Kong. The child with the best time through the obstacle course wins.

Grown-Up Party

Allow your 9-year-old daughter to remember that she is still a little girl, but make her feel like a grown up. Have several princess-style or old prom dresses, and allow the girls to dress up. Plan to do the girls' hair, nails and make-up, but check with their parents first, since not all parents want their 9-year-old daughters wearing make-up, even for fun. Set out fancy teacups for tea or punch, and serve cookies instead of the usual cake and ice cream.

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