Modern Garage Design Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Modern garages serve many purposes, and sometimes several of them simultaneously. One way to get extra room in your garage is to build it with extra space. Even if you're not building a new one, you can design your garage space to suit your needs.

Choose the Type of Garage

Choose whether to build a garage attached to your house or a free-standing garage. Then decide how many vehicles you will park in it, and whether any of them is oversized, such as a camper or boat. Choose the best door configuration. One wide overhead door or two smaller ones, for a standard two-car garage, are the most common options, but there are many choices. Consider the dimensions that allow you to purchase a standard door.

Make a List

What do you want from your garage besides a space for cars? Make a wish list of all of the things you want. The kids want storage for their sports equipment. Mom wants a place to store gardening supplies and to re-pot a plant. Dad wants a workbench to work on wood projects. You also need to store things: make a list of what they are and how much space is needed. Maybe you also want a place for the dog to sleep when you go to work. Plan for a place for all of these wants as you design your new garage.

Choose an Unusual Door

Your modern garage needs a modern-looking overhead door. Choose a contemporary door such as one made of glass panels. If you don't want the inside of your garage visible from the road, pick one with frosted, darkly tinted or pebbled glass that lets in light without being transparent.

Flooring and Lighting

Choose fixtures that light the areas you want to work in, plus a central fixture that illuminates the whole garage. Fluorescent fixtures of all shapes and sizes are a cost-effective option.

Many flooring solutions are made specifically for garages. Look for durable epoxy floor coating which comes in many colours, polypropylene floor tiles specifically designed for garages, vinyl tiles or a garage mat that goes under a car to protect the floor from oil and dirt.

Attractive and Organized

A modern garage calls for modern storage solutions. Look for cabinets designed for use in a garage or basement, made from materials that resist rust, repel moisture and will keep out critters. If your garage has a high ceiling, consider adding hanging shelves or even a lift system to use this space for items you don't use frequently.

Add Living Space to Your House

Build a garage that gives you more living space. Build a two-story garage with an extra room or small apartment above it. Build an extra room behind the garage for an office or shop. Choose a design with the roof extended beyond the outside wall of the garage, and use the open space below the roof as an outdoor porch--you could even screen it in and keep out the bugs.

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