Prom Party Favor Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

The high school prom is a time to make and preserve memories that last a lifetime. If you are involved in planning the prom, be sure to give the teens a party favour that will help them remember their special night. Prom party favours should be appropriate, fun, useful and relevant. If you incorporate these ideas, your prom party favours will be a hit.

Go With the Theme

If your prom has a theme, try to coordinate your prom party favours with that theme. If your theme is something to do with Las Vegas or Casino Night, for example, then you might want to give out personalised decks of playing cards to all your partygoers. If your prom has a celestial theme (dancing in the moonlight or love under the stars), incorporate stars and moons onto your favours with custom engraving. Whatever the theme, your favour should match it and also include the date on it somewhere so students will remember that night long into adulthood.

Preserve the Memory

As an alternative to those items, consider giving out picture frames to preserve prom photos or photo albums with the prom name inscribed on the front. These favours are gender-neutral and age-appropriate. You could also give out something fun like a cell phone charm or key chain with the prom's theme. Some prom planners like to give separate favours to male and female guests. The guys might like laser-pointer key chains while the girls might like a charm bracelet, for example.

Be True to Your School

Incorporate school spirit into your prom favours if you can. Use your school's colours or mascot as part of your prom favour theme. Give out a stuffed animal rendition of the mascot wearing a tuxedo, or a small artist's print of a picture of the school. Consider giving out scarves in school colours for a cold prom night or stadium blankets with the school's initials embroidered on them. These kinds of favours will remind prom-goers of their love of their school whenever they use them.

Keep Favors Appropriate

Some prom favours have no place in a high school function. Giving students items that encourage or promote underage drinking, for example, should be avoided. Do not choose shot glasses, wine goblets or flasks for your prom favours. Even if the students like them, you're likely to anger parents and school officials. Keep your prom favours appropriate to the age of your prom-goers.

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