Prom Arrival Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Attending your prom is a memorable experience that should not be missed by any high school senior. Who you go with and what you wear are not the only important decisions that need to be made in advance. The evening needs to be planned from beginning to end, including any prom arrival ideas you have regarding how you will get there.

Getting To Your Prom

Renting a limousine is a good way to get a group of people to arrive at your prom. You can research limousine companies online or through your local yellow pages. While the prices vary, you should expect to pay an hourly rate. The cost of arriving at your prom by limousine can be reduced by having a group of prom goers share a limousine to get to and from the prom.

A Unique Option

If you find that a limousine arrival isn't right for you and your group to arrive at your prom there are other options. You can decorate your cars with the school colours, make a caravan of your vehicles while driving to the prom. This will create great memories and be a lot of fun as well.

Another idea for a group of friends is to decorate and tow a parade float, so that you can all ride on the float and wave to your adoring fans.

Your Parents Ride

A sure way to get to and from the prom safely is asking your parents to drive you. While it might not be as glamorous as a limousine prom arrival or as fun as a caravan of your friends arriving at the prom, it is a guaranteed ride to the prom. If your parents ride isn't cool enough for you, ask your parents to rent a glamorous sports car for the evening.

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