Bedroom & Green Carpet Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

It can be difficult trying to decorate a bedroom that has green carpet. The approach you take will depend heavily upon the shade of green the carpet is--this will affect everything from your furniture choice to the other colours you incorporate into the room's decor.

Pale Green Carpets

If your carpet is a pale or light shade of green, such as sage or celadon, you will have more freedom when it comes to decorating. Choose dark furniture in shades of cherry, ebony, or mahogany--these shades will look better against the light green carpet as opposed to lightly-coloured furniture.

When picking colours to complement your pale green carpet, consider these options: mocha and ivory; black and cream; amethyst and amber; rose pink and ecru; blue and white.

Bright Green Carpets

When decorating a room that has bright green carpet, you will need to be careful when picking decor and complementary colours in order to keep the room from becoming overwhelming. Bright greens include primary green, citron, and lime green.

You can choose light or dark furniture, but it is important to choose just one shade for all of your furniture. Also, avoid medium shades of wood and gold furniture, as they do not look good against bright green carpets. White or very light wood, black or very dark woods, and silver-coloured furniture are best.

Colors that match well with bright green carpets include white, light pink, pale yellow, cobalt, and light blue. If the bedroom is for a child, you can use primary colours of sunny yellow and blue for a bright, funky look.

Dark Green Carpets

Dark greens include hunter green and olive--it can be a challenge to decorate a bedroom with these colours. You should definitely avoid dark furniture, as this can make the room appear smaller and more closed in. If you are using metallic furniture, shades of gold and bronze work best with dark green carpets.

When choosing the colours for your decor, avoid heavy, dark shades and shades that are very bright, such as fluorescent and neon colours. Colors that look nice with dark green carpets: cream, ecru, gold, pale yellow, pale blues, and amber.

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