Red Riding Hood Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is a well-known fairy tale that has delighted children over the years. The main character of the story is a sweet little girl who charms readers with her innocence and her red cape and matching hood. Little Red Riding Hood costumes have become very popular, and both children and adults dress up as Little Red Riding Hood on Halloween. The next time you need a costume idea for your little one, or for a party you're going to attend, consider putting together a Red Riding Hood costume.

The Hooded Cape

The cape for this costume can be made short or about knee length, depending on your preference. If you want something more structured than simply using a red blanket as a cape, follow a commercial pattern for a cape.

The Dress

The dress for a Red Riding Hood costume can be short or knee length. It should be white, but a white dress with some red and a little black in it will make a stunning contrast under the red cape. Lace and ruffle trim is appropriate, and if the costume is to be worn at an adult party, consider choosing a low-cut dress to give the outfit a sexy look. The lower half of the dress should be full. You can use a dress you already own that fits the description or make one using a commercial pattern.

The Socks and Shoes

Some of the pictures of Little Red Riding Hood show her wearing black tights, but white tights can be worn as well. In some pictures, she is wearing anklets. If you choose to have your child wear anklets, get lace trimmed socks. A nice pair of black or red flats will look adorable on a child wearing this costume. Lace-trimmed anklets on an adult look hot when worn with red or black high-heeled shoes.

The Basket

As told in the story of Little Red Roding Hood, the young girl set out to her grandmother's house with a basket of cakes. If your Red Riding Hood costume is for a child, fill up a basket with packaged candy she can hand out to the other children at the party. An empty basket will work well if she will be trick-or-treating and filling up her basket with goodies. An adult may want to use a basket to tote her personal belongings.

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