Prom Ride Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

Prom night is every high school student's night to act like royalty. The tux or dress, a fancy dinner and dance, and an all-night post-prom party all make the night special, but how you get there is just as important. Whether you're going with just your date,or with a big group of friends, there are many options for transportation. No matter how you get there, however, be sure your driver is responsible and sober. Have fun, but be safe.

Limo or Town Car

Limousines are typical prom transportation, and because they come in varying sizes, you can always find one that will fit your whole group. Limos can be rented in black or white and in any style from stretch to super-stretch to a Hummer limo. Many companies offer prom specials. If your group is small enough that even the smallest limo seems too big, ask about renting a town car. They're just as stylish as a limo, and you get a driver, too.

Family Car or Luxury Car

If trying to pick a limo out of a line of cars after the dance isn't your idea of fun, go for something more unusual. If you know someone with a cool convertible or luxury car, ask to borrow it for the night or rent one. Be sure to find a company that allows drivers younger than 25 to rent and drive a vehicle.

If you don't want to spend too much on transportation but still want a fun way to get to prom, use a family car but decorate it with wash-off window paint or markers, streamers or any other fun decorations. You can a parent or sibling to act as chauffeur so you don't have to drive.


When your group gets too big to fit into even the biggest limo, it's time to think even bigger. Some limo companies also rent party buses or trolleys, and there are companies that specialise in bus rentals. The insides of these vehicles are even better than limos because you have enough room to stand up and move around, and they sometimes include lights, disco balls and other cool accessories.

You can also look into renting a school bus. It's not quite as luxurious as a luxury bus, but just picture how funny your prom pictures will be with a big, yellow school bus in the background.

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