Fun Award Certificates

Written by kelly nuttall
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There are many times when it is appropriate to hold an award ceremony. Maybe you are an employer and you want to give out awards to your employees for all their hard work. Maybe you are a teacher and you want to give each student an award for completing a successful school year. Or maybe you are in charge of a boys and girls club and you want to encourage talents by giving rewards. Whatever your reasons are there are many ways to give awards that are fun and memorable.

Employee Awards

If you are an employer and want to create a fun environment for your employees, one way to do this is to give out weekly or monthly awards to employees who go above and beyond their expected duties. Some ideas for fun employee awards are gift tokens to specific restaurants that have names that describe their personality. For example, if you have an employee that is outgoing, hardworking and is a firecracker at getting things done, give them a gift token to Sizzler, for doing a "Sizzling Job." Or if you have an employee that makes everyone laugh and makes the work environment fun, give them a night out at a comedy show or a day at an amusement park. Of course all of these ideas have to be altered according to where you live. For more simple ideas you can give awards that symbolise the job in which they are being awarded. For example, if you have an employee that landed you a big client that will be very lucrative to your business, give them a baseball glove and ball for achieving a great catch. Or give them a fishing rod for catching that big fish.

Student Awards

Teachers love to encourage hard work and they also love to reward students for hard work. If you are a teacher and want to give out awards to your students for all their success at the end of a semester or year, give out awards that describe the work they did. For example, if you are an English teacher and you studied Shakespeare, hand out "Shaky Awards" to the students. Shaky awards can be small plastic trophies or certificates describing what the award is for. Dress up as Shakespeare or one of his play's characters and hand out the awards "Shakespeare style." If you are an elementary school teacher you can take pictures of the kids throughout the year of class parties, of them doing different activities and school work. Use these pictures to create a "tapestry of success" award.

Boys and Girls Club

If you are in charge of an after-school club, or if you are in charge of a church youth group, hold an awards ceremony that honours the talents of the kids. For example, if you have a child that loves to write short stories or write poetry, give them the "Aspiring Author" award of paper and pencils. If you have a student that loves to to paint, give them the "Paint Palate" award of paintbrushes, paints, and a small blank canvas. For more simple ideas that do not cost a lot, give the children candy bars or treats that describe their talent along with a certificate. For example, if you have a child that loves to act and wants to go to Hollywood some day, give them the "starburst" award. Or if you have a child that loves to make people laugh and wants to become a comedian, give them the "snickers" award. Or if you have a child that wants to swim in the Olympics someday, give them the "goggle" award, giving them a pair of goggles.

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