50th Wedding Anniversary Toast Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A fiftieth wedding anniversary is a very exciting day, and giving a toast at such a special event is huge honour. But giving a toast can take some real thought. Make sure that the tone of your toast fits the tone of the party. If it's a formal party, a funny toast might not be appropriate. If it's a casual affair, do not drone on for half an hour about serious topics. Just be aware of your audience and practice at least a few times before you stand up with your glass on that important day.

Famous Quotes

Vincent van Gogh was quoted as saying "Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence." And from William Shakespeare's pen came the words "Love comforteth like sunshine after rain." There have been many poets, artists, and authors who have delved into the subject of love and finding a quote that applies to the situation is always a good idea for the beginning of a toast.

Funny Champagne Toasts

If the couple celebrating the anniversary have always enjoyed a good laugh, a funny toast is definitely the way to go. But keep it clean if there are going to be children at the event. Here's an example of an amusing toast:

Let's drink to your anniversary And another great year Let's drink to the health Of those we hold dear Let's drink to the fun times And all that good junk The heck with it all Let's drink to get drunk!!


Relatives and friends often have memories of the happy couple. Request funny or poignant stories from the people who know the couple best. Discuss the findings during the toast. Maybe the relationship worked because the couple loved to poke fun at one another. This an excellent time to bring up the quirky things that the couple did, or the funny story about their first date.

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