17th birthday party ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

The 17th birthday for either a boy or a girl is a very special day because it represents the last birthday before he or she is legally an adult. While some think that a 17-year-old would not still be fond of fun and games, on the contrary, there are still many great themes that will appease your teenager.

The Formal Party

Since adulthood is veering around the corner, many kids this age will appreciate a birthday party that beckons upon this premise. Formal birthday parties are actually rather easily thrown. Create formal invitations that require an RSVP. A hired catering company that will provide a menu is also advised--this way you can even ask guests on the invitations what their menu choices will be. Most local hotels will offer smaller ballrooms that you can rent for a decent bargain. You can even set up tables with fancy drinks like sparkling cider and juices, which mimic a real cocktail bar. A hired band that performs songs all night or a DJ for dancing and some fancy decorations will net you a formal birthday party that your teenager won't soon forget.

Rock and Roll Birthday Party

Perhaps one of the more popular of birthday party ideas for teenagers is a rock and roll birthday. Your best bet is to find out if they have any friends who are in local bands that they really like. You can easily hire these local bands for pretty cheap and get them to play at your home in your backyard. Make sure that you acquire a live music permit from your local authorities so that your party does not get shut down.

Flashy rock themes include the birthday cake--you can even decorate a print-on cake with their favourite rock band on the frosting; all you need is a picture. Include free music download cards in your party teasers and create invitations that look like real concert tickets that you tear at the door as guests enter.

Video Game Themed Birthday Party

Most teenagers love video games--even girls these days are playing more and more video games. One of the more popular varieties of these video games are games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Set up a video game console in the living room and hold showdowns to see can rock out harder. Cool invitations can resemble game controllers and attendees can be encouraged to purchase video game-related gifts for the birthday kid. Offer a prize for the winner of a video game showdown.

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