Gift Ideas for Boys Age 13

Updated March 23, 2017

It is difficult to buy gifts for boys in their early teens. This is the point when they stop being the easy-to-please little boys to being very picky young men. Finding the right gift for a birthday and holiday will be a task, but it is doable. The first step is finding out what they boys like and what type of gift fits their personality. It will be a benefit to you, and the child, if you purchase things that they like and not something you think they will enjoy.

Video Games

In this day and age, you can't go wrong with video games for boys of any age. Thirteen-year-old boys and video games go hand in hand. There are several different consoles that are popular these days, so check to see which console the boy already has. The average for new releases is around £32. Another tip is to check the rating on the game to make sure it is age appropriate and with the boy's parents to make sure it is acceptable.

Online Music and Video Downloads

Music is also another popular gift for 13-year-old boys. Music downloads are killing the sales of the CD, and there are many online sites to download music right to their MP3 player. Apple's iTunes is the popular choice. Not only can they download songs and albums, they can also download entire episodes of their favourite television shows. Instead of trying to guess what type of music is popular with the kids these days, go with a gift token or gift card instead.

Movie Passes

Going to the movies with their friends is still a preferable way to spend Friday night with friends for a 13-year-old boy. Check online sources and local movie theatres for big releases coming out. You don't have to purchase the passes for a particular movie---or for just one movie---in order for it to be an appreciated gift item. Movie passes can be purchased online at or at your local cinema.

Sports Gear

If that 13-year-old boy in your life is into sports, getting sports gear would be considered an exciting gift. Skateboards, snowboards or baseball, basketball and football gear never goes out of style. You can even consider indoors sports like dart sets and table hockey.

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